POC Pod Episode 17 -Take your daughter to work day

Recorded July 8,2017

Thanks for listening to the POC podcast. Show notes for Episode 17 below!

Wounded Rep. Scalise readmitted to intensive care AP

Election Integrity Commission - State Responses ACLU

Week’s Highlights/Lowlights:
U.S. Confirms North Korea Fired Intercontinental Ballistic Missile NYT

Cheetolini in Poland
First lady swerved to not shake cheeto’s hand Video
Another Miller Speech

Baby coral hands at the G20
Russia Bilateral meeting
Submissive to Putin in public handshake
"These are the ones who insulted you?" Putin to Trump as he points to reporters video
Six peeps: Lavrov, Tillerson, translators, Puti Put and Trump in the room
2 hours and 15 minutes
Tillerson - Trump brought up harshly election meddling
Lavrov - Trump accepted President Putin’s denial
Cyber Security joint task force!
U.S., Russia, & Jordan agree to ceasefire in southwest Syria that goes into effect July 9, Secy. Tillerson confirms CBS

German Chancellor Angela Merkel takes her rightful place as the leader of the free world
Horrified at Trump picture
Eye rolled at what we assume is Putin Mansplaining gif
Rocked a bright jacket to stand out in the class picture

PM Theresa May helps Trump realize it’s picture Time video

No one wanted to hang with Trump picture 

Ivanka sat in for daddy at meeting. We found out ‘cause the Ruskies shared the picture In defense, Trump goes after Chelsea. tweet

Quinnipiac Poll First words to describe poll

Trump Russia
Trump Team Met With Lawyer Linked to Kremlin During Campaign NYT
Interesting Trump tweet on the day of the meeting

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