POC Pod Episode 10 - They think we're stupid

Recorded May 14,2017

Bullshit meter

Thanks for listening to the POC podcast. Show notes for Episode 10 below!

Weekly Recap
    Monday May 8
    • President Obama warned Trump about hiring Michael Flynn. CNN
    • Yates/Clapper testify in the Senate
      • Yates warned White House Flynn could be blackmailed three times .video
      • White House Counsel McGahn - Why does it matter to DOJ staff are lying? video
      • Ted Cruz Mansplains video
      • John Kennedy of Louisiana is an idiot video
    • A tale of two hearings
      • Russia Flynn WH conduct
        • Democrats 142 questions
        • Republicans 40 questions
      • Leaks and unmasking
        • Republicans 65 questions
        • Democrats 0 questions
      • Muslim Ban
        • Republicans 26 questions
        • Democrats 6 follow ups

    Tuesday May 9
    • Former FBI Director was wrong when he told congress that Huma Abedin had forwarded hundreds and thousands of emails.
    • Prosecutors issued grand jury subpoenas to associates of former national security adviser CNN
    • Trump Fires Comey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • South Korea Elections. Moon Jae-in is President elect.

    Wednesday May 10
    • Comey Fall Out
      • The way he handled the Clinton email probe (Trump praising Comey Video)
      • AG and Deputy AG recommended Comey firing? What happened to recusals.
      • Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry NYT
    • Bethune-Cookman University students turned their back and booed Betsy DeVos as she began to deliver a commencement speech. video
    • Trump hosts Russians in the Oval  TASS pictures
    • Senate committee subpoenas Michael Flynn for documents regarding his interactions with Russian officials.

    Thursday May 11
    • Andrew McCabe testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday during the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. video
    • Lester Holt interview NBC
      •  I was gonna fire him anyway!
      • He told me three times I am not under investigation
      • I was thinking #Russia when I fired him.

    Friday May 12
    • AG Sessions paves way for stricter sentencing in criminal cases CNN
    • Trump’s Morning Twitter Tantrum - 7 tweets!
    • Trump’s new ‘voter fraud’ commission: A tool to help GOP win elections WAPO
    • Comey says he’ll only testify for the Senate if it’s a public hearing.

    Saturday May 13
    • Talks with North Korea?
    • White Nationalist Richard Spencer lead torch-bearing protesters defending Lee statue WAPO

    May 14, 2017
    • US institutions are under assault from Russia externally and Trump internally, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
    • Macron is inaugurated as the President of France
    • North Korea claims to have a missile that can hit the US  video

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