POC Pod Episode 1 - You went in the potty!

Recorded: Sunday March 5, 2017

Baby in the power

Thanks for checking out our show. Show Notes for the episode below!

Andrea - Trump - Obama tapped my wires
Carla - Trump's vacation costs
Mayte - Trump vilifying immigrants by highlighting the few cases of violent crime.

Beltway Hypocrite
Andrea and Carla - Mike Pence used AOL while governor. Hacked last summer per USA Today
Mayte - The entire congressional body for avoiding Town Halls

All Stars
Carla - Those getting involved town halls and calling members of congress
Andrea - Democratic leadership standing up to Trump

All Politics is local
Andrea CT Special elections
FL Bill to allow suit of Doctors for up to ten years if you regret an abortion.

Weekly Recap
Monday Feb 27
  • Billionaire Wilbur Ross confirmed as commerce secretary
  • H.R. McMaster, does not think that “radical Islamic terrorism” is a useful term, CBS News’

    Tuesday Feb 28
  • KellyAnn Couchgate
  • Joint Address.

    Wednesday March 1
  • Obama left bread crumbs of intelligence NYT
  • Jeff Session's also spoke to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak

    Thursday March 2
  • Sessions recuses himself
  • Rick Perry at Energy and Ben Carson at HUD confirmed by the senate

    Friday March 3
  • Trump tweets photos of Schumer and Pelosi with Russian envoys
  • Trump pushes merit based immigration

    Saturday March 4
  • Trump claims Obama called for wiretapping him

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