POC Pod Episode 3 - Panic and Run!

Recorded March 19,2017

Panic and Run cartoon

Thanks for listening to the POC podcast. Show notes for Episode 3 below:

Weekly Recap
Monday March 13
  • KellyAnn Conway gives PSA that microwaves can be used to spy
  • CBO scores GOP health-care bill
  • Trump signs the Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch 

    Tuesday March 14
  • House Committee extends deadline Monday deadline for DOJ to provide wiretapping evidence
  • Maddow releases a portion of Cheetolini's 2005 1040
  • Breitbart audio has Paul Ryan pledging not to defend Trump
  • Rex Tillerson accused of using alias in climate change emails

    Wednesday March 15
  • Trump campaign rally in Nashville, TN
  • Senate Judiciary Committee ranking members get Russia briefing from Comey
  • Hawaii succeeds in halting the Muslim ban part deux in scathing 43 page ruling highlighting the words Trump and his advisors 

    Thursday March 16
  • The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee said on Thursday that they had seen “no indications” that Trump Tower was wiretapped by the United States government during the 2016 campaign as claimed by President Trump.
  • The House Intelligence Committee’s top members, Chairman Devin Nunes and Ranking Member Adam Schiff, both of California, have so far not been presented by the Justice Department with any evidence backing up President Trump’s tweeted allegation that former President Obama tapped Donald Trump’s phones during the election
  • Michael Flynn received nearly $34,000 to attend event celebrating RT's 10th anniversary with Putin.
  • Trump’s budget

    Friday March 17
  • Merkel Visits the White House
  • Mango Mussolini says he and Merkel have wiretapping in common
  • Germany Trade Deals
  • Ask Fox
  • Laptop with Trump, Clinton information stolen from Secret Service from a Secret Service vehicle.
  • Trump heads to Mar-a-lago

    Saturday, March 18
  • Intruder Arrested at White House After Saying He Has ‘Bomb in the Trunk’

    End Game
    Beltway Hypocrite - Paul Ryan wanting to kill healthcare since he drank out of a keg.
    Political All-star - Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

    Call organizations you're involved with to see how they are affected and fight the Trump budget

    International faux paus. Spicey claiming GCHQ helped spy on Trump.

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