POC Pod Episode 2 - Mercy!!

Recorded March 12,2017

Thanks for checking out our show. Show Notes for the episode below!
Weekly Recap
Monday March 6
  • ACHA Text leaked. House Healthcare plan going to committee
  • Muslim Ban - the sequel
  • Ben Carson - slaves were immigrants
  • Homeland Sec Kelly I am considering separating kids from their parents as a deterrent of illegal immigration.
  • New Yorker -The President helped build a hotel in Azerbaijan that appears to be a corrupt operation engineered by oligarchs tied to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

    Tuesday March 7
  • Jason Chaffetz - Save money for health insurance. Don't get an iPhone.
  • Deputy AG nominee Rod Rosenstein deputy Attorney General wouldn't commit to independent investigation. Hawaii filling to challenge Muslim Ban oral arguments March 15

    Wednesday March 8
  • Washington and Massachusetts join Hawaii in challenging the new travel ban.

    Thursday March 9
  • FBI Director James Comey went to Capitol Hill Thursday to brief the Gang of Eight members of Congress on President Trump’s wiretapping allegations, as well as other national security matters
  • Mike Pence says Turkey ties are “affirmation” of decision to fire Michael Flynn

    Friday March 10
  • Flynn retroactively registers as a foreign agent.
  • Sessions asking for resignations of 46 previously appointed by Obama AGs

    Saturday March 11
  • The Secret Service says an intruder scaled the outer fence by the South grounds and has been arrested.
  • U.S. Atty. Preet Bharara of New York refuses to resign, confirms he was fired via twitter

    Sunday March 12
  • Roger Stone on why "exchange" with DNC hacking suspect Guccifer 2.0 was "innocuous"

    End Game Segment
    Beltway Hypocrite - Jason Chaffetz - Save money

    Beltway Hypocrite - Paul Ryan - Killing the ACA is an act of Mercy

    All-Star/Best Political Quote - Joe Kennedy III responds to Paul Ryan's killing the ACA is an act of Mercy

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